Photograph from the first ever completion of the Spearhead Traverse.

MULTIPLICITY’s Raison d’Etre

With such a stellar lineup, it’s easy to forget that MULTIPLICITY is, at its heart, a fundraising event.  The money from tickets sold go toward the Spearhead Huts Project, a… Read More

Pemberton Festival… Or Lack Thereof

***Two articles were written last night – one with the assumption the Festival lineup would have dropped, the other with the opposite assumption. Here’s the relevant article.*** The months of… Read More



Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve read about our guests at this year’s MULTIPLICITY. From freediver Mandy-Rae Cruikshank, to trad climbing spider man Will Stanhope, and let’s not forget… Read More


GO Fest Getting Wet with Slush Cup!

The inhabitants of this ski town have a certain affinity with dressing up, getting naked, and acting like a fool. The infamous Toad Hall pictures are what we all aspire… Read More

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Blake Jorgenson Captures Local Life

Blake Jorgenson isn’t the only photographer in town (he’s not even the only photographer on our MULTIPLICITY roster), but he might be the best in town at capturing what it… Read More

Courtesy Whistler FM

Kudos to Southside Diner, Whistler FM

Make sure you check the lids on the salt shakers next time you’re at the Diner. There are a couple of pranksters over there.  As fast as it swept through… Read More

Source: Edmonton Sun

Mandy-Rae Cruickshank Talks Dolphins, Freediving

If you can hold your breath while reading this entire Mountain Life post – twice – you’re still nowhere near the lung power required for free diving.  Multiple world record… Read More