Last Minute Christmas Gifts…Whistler-style

You know the drill as well as we do. It’s Tuesday before the Christmas holiday and you have not got a present for your loved one yet. What do you do? Order something off Ebay and hope it gets here in time? No. Create cheesy vouchers for backrubs and breakfast in bed? Maybe. The best bet is to buy something from a local artist and support the your local community. When you live in the Sea-to-Sky, it’s not hard to find an artist that would be grateful for the business too. Here are a few options to get you out of the dog house asap.

Blake Jorgenson Gallery

Blake’s prints are beautiful and they show visitors just how awesome your backyard (and your pro skier neighbour) is. Good news is that if you buy a last minute Xmas gift from the Gallery, you get 30% off. Go here and use the promo code enews-1210 to get a steal of a deal on a Jorgenson print.

Space Cat Designs

Local artist Cato Pulleybrook makes awesome t-shirts. You should buy a bunch for your friends.

Lisa Sumire

Pemberton artist Lisa Sumire runs a web and graphic design business but her personal artwork is a beautiful collection of acrylic and mixed media. Take look HERE.

Lani Imre

While Lani Imre may not live in Whistler, she is well represented in the area by her network of friends and collaborators, including Chili Thom. Imre spends a lot of time in the area and her work resonates with Whistler people, having been shown at State of the Art during WSSF. Check out her work HERE.

Lauren Javor

Lauren is currently going to school in Sweden but lives in Whistler the rest of her life. Purchase her work and support the spread of Whistler art around the world and back.

Chili Thom

Whistler’s favourite artist is well known and may not be in your price range…but don’t despair. He sells reproductions of his originals for reasonable prices. Go HERE for more info.

Averice Designs

Pemberton’s Andrea Cooney collects shiny old things and turns them into beautiful new jewelry. If your girlfriend, wife or mother is looking for something as unique as she is, this is a no-brainer. Check out Cooney’s work HERE.

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