Snow on Saturn’s Moon?

Artist's Rendering. NOT A REAL PHOTO OF SATURN. illo by Paul Schenk

The mountains around Whistler are starting to fill in nicely but this autumn’s best ski vacation just might be out near the rings of Saturn…

According to National Geographic some scientists believe Saturn’s moon Enceladus may be covered in super-fine blower pow up to 300 metres thick.

Apparently, long fissures shoot ice crystals right out of the moon’s surface and some of it falls back down in the form of really dry, tiny-flaked snow.

“The particles are only a fraction of a millimeter in size … even finer than talcum powder,” say study leader Paul Schenk, a planetary scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas, said in a statement. “This would make for the finest powder a skier could hope for.”

While Shenks rendering (above) shows a distinct lack of mountains on Enceladus, i suppose the cross country skiing and snowmobiling would be pretty epic. if you can travel the 1.2 billion kilometres to get there.

It’s probably easier to just wait for Opening Day on Blackcomb. Slated for Nov 25.

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