Ultramarathoner Ray Zahab to speak in Whistler

Just a mellow afternoon run in Libya. Ray Zahab

On New Year’s even in 1999, as the countdown to the new millennium was happening, Ray Zahab took one final drag from a cancer stick and his now-former life. “I was a bag-of-chips, pack-of-smokes-a-day, where-was-the-best-happy-hour, pint-of-guiness kind of guy,” he says. The simple act of running was the furthest thing from his mind. But one day in 2003, after a gradual build-up of daily excercise following his New Year’s resolution, he read a magazine article about ultramarathoners. He decided that this was the life he wanted, and went for it — which seems like a gigantic understatement in today’s world of off-the-wall adventure exploits.

He started running, and hasn’t stopped since. Zahab will be in Whistler tomorrow night (Nov.22nd) to share his amazing journey from 7-9pm at the Whistler Conference Centre.

He’ll speak about his epic 7500-kilometer, 111-day, 6 country RUN! through the entire Sahara Desert. The Sahara is one of the most inhospitable, scary-as-hell places on the planet, yet Zahab and two others conquered the sun, sand and heat and ran an average of 63-kilometers for 111 days straight!

If you’re a smoker wanting to quit, go see Ray’s presentation. If you’re a runner wanting to take things to the next level, you’ll want to be there. And if you need a little kick-in-the-ass piece of true life inspiration, you need to be there too.

The event is FREE, so bring your posse and get inspired by one of Canada’s most incredible people. Check out Ray’s TEDxOttawa speech here:

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