“The Man Who Can Fly.” Check out this trailer!

Dean Potter highline walk on the Squamish Chief. PHOTO: JIM MARTINELLO

Last we ran a feature about summer Squamish climber/skier/photographer Jim Martinello, Jason Sinnes and Bruce Kay and their epic multi-day big-wall ascent of BC’s Mount Bute in 2010. Last summmer Jim returned to Bute with Dean Potter, an American freeclimber, slackliner, alpinist and basejumper who planned on freeclimbing the 9000+ foot chunk of rock and then basejumping off the top and flying, via squirrel suit, to the valley below.
Just a mellow weekend excursion right?

A crew from National Geographic (including some local filmmakers Christian Begin and Bryan Smith, plus climber Damien Kelly) tagged a long. Check out the trailer.

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