Alone in the Wilderness — Part II

The master outdoorsman himself, sharpening his beloved axe.

It seems as though ‘ol Dick Proenneke has struck a chord with you fellow Mountain Lifers out there. I’m sure that 40+ years ago, when he spent so much time and effort filming himself (for his family and friends) thriving and surviving in the Alaskan wilderness, he never thought that 300,000 people would be looking at his life through their ‘computer monitors’.

Well, here’s another short installment in the life and times of this self-documented master craftsman. Dick enters the dark and scary realm of winter all alone, but he seems to relish the challenge — gathering and hauling the perfect stash of wood while cooking up a big pot of beans and whittling away at wooden spoons. Dick unleashes some great nuggets here, sincere stuff like: “I enjoy working for my heat, it seems to make my food taste better,” and “learn to use an axe and respect it, and you can’t help love it…But abuse it and it will wear your hands raw and cut you open like an overcooked sausage.”

Good stuff Mr. Proenneke, we salute you.


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