Ski tour in Style with Tyax Adventures

Ullr made a runway. The Beaver makes a landing.

With a stabilizing snowpack, longer ski days and lots of spring corn to be shralped, you might as well start planning that epic spring ski trip you’ve always dreamed about. But instead of lugging around a massive pack on a huge uphill slog, doesn’t it make A LOT of sense to fly up into oh, let’s say the Overseer Glacier and set up a deluxe camp for a few days? The answer is yes for those who haven’t had any coffee yet. And if you split the bill with a few buds, it’s totally doable.

Tyax Adventures  is the only operation in the Coast Mountains that offers glacier landings with the awesome DeHavilland Beaver in the winter. Hallelujah! If there’s a spot you’ve always wanted to go and explore, the time is now. Mountain bikers use this service all the time in the summer, but in the winter it’s a different world altogether. Take advantage man, take advantage.

and you can being beer!!


I don't know who these guys are but looks like they'll be having a good one!

Topo of the spectacular Overseer Glacier zone. Scout out your campsite here, now.

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