Boarders without Borders

One of the B.O.B founders Tamo Campos in action.

Boarders W/O Borders is an organization dedicated to spreading interest in humanitarian work within the snowboarding community.  Their goal is to encourage snowboarders to channel the positive energy inherent to the sport in ways that genuinely help the people in our world who face adverse living conditions.

Founder Tamo Capos says “Snowboarding’s biggest impression on my life is the the constant seeking of new adventures and sharing them with others. One of my favorite things is to take someone into the mountains and share the joy. This itch for adventure allowed me to take in new experiences when backpacking in Central and South America. I saw how much of an influence we could have on places that have such adverse living conditions and poverty compared to the mountain towns I have lived in. The enjoyment of making a difference was the same adrenaline enjoyment of riding and all I could think about was how to get friends involved in this.

Through their partnerships, the organization is actively involved in supporting overseas aid, and spreading local awareness of global poverty issues and environmental sustainability.

“As avid snowboarders,” Campso says, “we recognize how fortunate we are to lead the lifestyles that we do.  We encourage anyone who wants to spread the stoke of our sport into positive change to get involved.”

Good on ya boys and girls.We need more people like you.

Boarders Without Borders – Trailer from PYP on Vimeo.

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