Gear We Like: C4 Waterman Rapid Rider

Stand-up paddleboards are fast becoming the new way to explore whitewater, with the new C4 Waterman Rapid Rider one of the fisrt sport-specific boards on the market. This winter, on the days when the skiing is lacklustre or the avy danger too high, we’ve been running most of the rivers in Squamish on C4 Waterman’s stellar rigid inflatable boards. When the Rapid Rider showed up, we hit the Mamquam River to test it out — and were pleasantly stoked.

Maneouverablility is key in whitewater, as is stability, and the Rapid Rider rocks them both in style. Designed by Whitewater expert Charlie MacArthur, the board is light enough to handle and crank fast, 180-degree turns with a single paddle stroke. Built from heavy-duty, military-grade, double-wall PVC material, the Rapid Rider is the result of four years of intensive R & D by C4 Waterman’s river-to-sea experts.

Another huge plus to running rivers with an inflatable? You can bounce them off of rocks, drag them up on the beach, throw them off the roof rack, and never have to repair a ding or worry about the board leaking and getting waterlogged.

These boards will be available soon at both Escape Route locations in Whistler and Squamish. Check out some of Charlie’s whitewater action here:

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