Hot Doggin’ — Celebrating Silly

Hot Doggin' 5 !!!

The annual Hot Doggin’ party is down-to-earth Whistler ski culture at its finest, the true season-ender bender after all of the TWSSF dust has settled and the town can celebrate itself one last time. Ace Mackay-Smith, event organizer nonpariel has been running this silly little fun-fest for 5 years now, in homage to the late great 80′s hot doggin’ decade, and to honour her father Peter’s like-minded ‘Wonder Week’ at Tod Mountain.

“He really liked to have fun and I missed all the fun ski races and contests that we used to have, stuff like the slush cups and bum jump and restaurant races, so I wanted to bring that back.”

Locals have been calling it the best party of the year since its inception, most likely due to its no-rules, anything-goes style. Hundreds come dressed in their most creative and colorful costumes for what’s billed as ‘the epic 12-hour aprés.’

“This party is for anyone who isn’t afraid to wear a tight ski suit and flaunt it,” says Mackay-Smithsonian.

There may be a few bells and whistles but they’re all home made. Like ‘meat medals’ for the hot dog eating contest winners, or the spraypainted ski ballet trophy.  No big corporate sponsors or high-tech communications. A high-five and a smile will do just fine thanks.

“I just like how everybody gets into it. And I like watching people do ski ballet (the signature event) — because nobody’s really good at it!” she says with a sparkly laugh.

“I just like watching people be silly.”

Hot Doggin' 2011 rad poster by Stu Mackay-Smith.

For some costume and attitute inspiration, check out this awesome trailer from Hot Dog the Movie!!!

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One Comment

  1. ace says:

    One tiny correction… Hotdoggin’ for me started in the 70s and that’s when my Dad hosted Wonder Weekend and some Freestyle Contests.
    For our party I always say “70′s attire. 80s tolerated.” haha.