JD Hare: Fascinating Exploration & Adventure Talks


JD speaks about skiing big peaks and his love of family at FEAT Canada, February 2012.

JD Hare is one passionate guy. One minute he’ll be plowing soil for his organic blueberry farm in Pemberton and the next he’ll be hatching plans for another big mountain epic somewhere in the world. But family is where his heart truly lies.

“I have a wonderful life…I’ve pretty much lived my dreams so far. I love where I live, I’m truly in love with my wife and my gorgeous, smart little boy.”

His relationship with the mountains has defined his life, but that relationship is changing. Now with a family to look after he looks at fearlessness in a different way.

“Before I could be quite fearless and stoic about about life and death, but that fearlessness seems more like selfishness now when my family is involved,” he says. “Nobody wants to die in the mountains, but when there are people you’re repsonsible for, you really  think about it in a different way.”

We featured JD’s brave exploits in the spectacular Tantalus range in our November 2012 Solitude issue, and in this FEAT (Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks) monlogue, he puts his heart on his sleeve and brings us along for rhe ride, with enough personal background detail to highlight the moral conflict he feels, doing his thing in the mountains as a family-man.

“These experiences are so personal but if you don’t share them you can’t really appreciate their true meaning.”

JD in the Tantalus:

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