How would you like some FREE BEER?!

Be Happy. Drink Beer. Todd Lawson photo.

Just like there’s more than one way to skin a cat, two sides to every story and a picture is woth 1000 words — there are definitely hundreds of ways to open a beer bottle, as Chris Sumers and Adam Young creatively show us when opening their favorite brews in this hand-picked Tuesday morning doozy. What does this have to do with YOU WINNING FREE BEER? We’ll get to that in a second. First of all let’s just say that we want you all to be happy. As Benjamin Fanklin once said (and I have the sticker on my skis to prove it),’Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Thanks Benjamin, much appreciated.

Ok, now let’s get to the good part and get you some FREE BEER. Here’s how you can win:

1.) Watch the vid below.
2.) Make a comment either on below or on the Mountain Life BC Facebook page by writing down the exact time of your favorite beer-opening techique.
example: 0:39 Leftover Pizza
3.) We will give away a total of three six-packs — one from Howe Sound Brewing Company, one from Whistler Brewing Company and another from Lighthouse Brewing Company.
4.) Good luck and share with your friends…if they win maybe they’ll share the beer!

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  1. Erin says:

    1:02 opening a bottle of beer with a can of beer…classic

  2. Derek Dottavio says:

    1:29 opening the beer with an air nailer. Perfect for the job site!

  3. Lindsey says:

    1:29 It’s gotta be the nail gun!

  4. Andrew says:

    My favourite change as the video progressed, used to do the arm twist in college, the cassette tape is near and dear to my hears (am I showing my age?) I gotta go with the dirt bike and string at 1:52 but all of them remind me of Squamish!

  5. Catherine O'Neill says:

    I like 0:45 hard rake opening, way more fun than what I use ‘em for at work!

  6. Gord says:

    I like 1:30, opening a beer with your belly button.