Windy Day Squamish Face Shots

Photo by: Todd Lawson

Winter face shots are done — time to get some summer ones. Here’s a little stoke for all you kiteboarders out there. This is almost a year old, but for those of you winter-fiends that have just put away your skis and boards for the season, this should give you a nice little nudge to get back out on the water. For those of you out there NOT in the know, ‘The Spit’ in Squamish easily ranks among the top ten kiteboarding destinations in the world. Known for its realiable wind and spectacular setting, The Spit gets hot wiyj wind warriors all-year roundbut really hits its stride in summer, when the heat takes a bit of the cold-water sting way.

photos by Todd Lawson ©2012

To check the daily wind repoty, click on the link below:


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