Could There Be Waves In Whistler ?!?

Is this too wacked out to even be writing about, or one of those ideas so brave and bold that its realization is imminent? Could we actually be ‘surfing’ in Whistler in the near future? Just last week the Pique’s Andrew Mitchell wrote about the proposed ‘Flow House’ — a man-made wave park designed after the increasingly popular ‘sheet-wave’ artificial wave simulators. Becuase you’re not actually on a surfboard with fins it can’t really be called surfing, (they’re called flow boards) but the feeling is apparently close enough to the real deal. Well almost. Purists out there will undoubetdly scoff at the concept but therein this fake wave lies a perfect fake wave — every single time, as you’ll see in Globe’s Electric Blue Heaven — the short, conceptual film featuring Dion Agius shredding like silly in the aparently the world’s best wave pool in Dubai.

Artist rendering of proposed wave centre in Whistler.

The photography and the edit are top-notch and the 10 Russian models are nice, but cheesy as it gets when too obviously told to frolick around in the pool while Mr. Surfer Guy boosts every air in the book. Can you picture yourself on something like this in Whistler?? Or could you not stomach the soul-sucking wave it might induce in your belly? The perfect wave everytime or real waves some of the time? For surf-lovers who can’t escape the Whistler bubble in the middle of February, this might just be as close as it gets, until you can actually scrape enough money together and break out of the bubble to Tofino for some West Coast action.


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  1. FeetBanks says:

    The wave site they talk about in the Pique article is not the same as the wave pool in this awesome video though. They reference the one in kelowna and it is not a real wave, it’s only a few inches deep, just water flowing in one spot, and while its fun and all (i guess) it is nothing like this wave. I think it would be utterly kick ass to have something like this in whistler.
    and the chicks too.

  2. eastie says:

    The video is of a completely different set up to that posted in the picture of the flow house.The flowrider machine has a unique feel that is unlike surfing as your weight is predominantly on the backfoot. is the way to go and what does a Lamborghini have to do with surfing? Pure marketing gash