Earning Your Thrills on a Longboard

Photo by Todd Lawson

Because of speedy descents down the side of a mountain, you could say that longboarding is similar to skiing or snowboarding. Until you crash that is. “The longboarder is someone who spends their time on a mountain,” says 2012 Brittania Classic race director Lee Cation. “The thrill of longboarding is super hard to descride. When you crash on a longboard, the ground is hard. It’s not like crashing in the snow so longboarders definitely have to earn their thrills.”

The 5th Annual Britannia Classic presented by Hawgs Wheels finished up a couple weeks ago, held May 25-27th in Britannia Beach.  160 Top International Riders shredded for 3 days in dry sunny weather and enjoyed our half freeride and half race weekend format. The downhill track is described by some as “the best in world”.

Rebounding from his broken ankle in the 2011 Britannia Classic, Kevin “K-Rimes” Reimer easily beat 2nd place and defending 2011 Champ, Patrick Switzer. The big surprise of the weekend was 16 year old Byron Essert of California taking 3rd place in his first visit to Canada.

Check out this vid filmed by by Hemstock Films and Sea to Sky Cable Cam…the aerial shots are stunning from the cable cam.

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