Of Souls & Water: The Mother

Are you thinking about your mother today just because? If you need to slow down and reflect a little bit today on what she means to you, this is a good way to start — especially if she’s a paddler and life-lover like 67-year-old Melody Shapiro.
“Dreams are being able to stay in the flow of life,” says Shapiro as she reflects on her own dreams in the waters the Utah desert. “To be able to move through the challenge, not to shut down, to stay open to possibilities.”
This is part of the ‘Of Souls & Water’ quattro of paddle-based web series produced by Forge Motion Pictures. Some are serious and introspective, others ballsy and explosive, but each feature a character as the main focus, and what the water, and life, means to them.
“It’s just wonderful being in on the mystery,” says Shapiro.
It’s what you make of the mystery that counts.

OF SOULS + WATER: THE MOTHER from NRS Films on Vimeo.

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