On the Road with SOLITAIRE

Kyle Miller is a pain in the ass. ┬ęSweetgrass Productions

When the Sweetgrass Gang set out on a two-year odyssey to film a ski movie, little did they excpect to encounter needles in the ass, bandits ripping off solar panels in the middle of nowhere and shark-tooth-like snow formations instead of waist deep pow. But South America can throw many a big wrench into many a big plan. Good thing these boys are a resilient bunch and can roll with the punches. After two years they must’ve felt like they went through 200 rounds with Tyson, but they managed to pull off one of the best ski films ever, and have even treated us to some behind the scenes shenanigans as well.

Episode VI: End of The Line: A new season of ‘On The Road With SOLITAIRE’ begins as the team sets out to climb volcanoes and hop trains in the badlands of Bolivia.

ON THE ROAD WITH SOLITAIRE is a 12-part web series following Sweetgrass Productions in the making of their 2-year project, the South American backcountry ski and snowboarding film SOLITAIRE. For the summer of 2012, new episodes will be released every Thursday until July 26th.

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