Paddling into the Heart of Darkness

While the Amazon and the Nile get all the attention as the world’s biggest and longest rivers in the world respectively, the mighty Congo River is badder than both of them when it comes to whitewater. It’s also the deepest river in the world, running at more than 700 feet deep in some spots.

Expert paddlers Steve Fisher, Benny Marr, Rush Sturges and Tyler Bradt recently kayaked the world’s biggest rapids on the Congo River to film The Inga Project, an 80-minute documentary about the epic first descent. (see teaser below)

“The lesson we’ve learned today is not to fuck with these rapids.”

The Congo has suffered horribly throughout its history, and due to generations of foreign exploitation, political instability, corruption and civil war, not to mention a prevalence of crocodiles, hippos, waterfalls and huge rapids, the river is a no-go zone for most Westerners — but not these guys. Full feature coming July 17th.

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