The Ultimate Rainy Day Hitlist

Yeah we can bitch and moan about the rainy weather but what good does that do besides sweet f*ck all. Rain is good for the soul, and getting downright dirty in the purest sense of the word is what it’s all about on a rainy day. Happy Canada Day from all of us at Mountain Life, now go get wet and get amongst this list!

1.) Hit the bike park —because getting splattered with a steady stream of mud in the face will make you feel like a kid again.

2.) Go Fishing — because instead of buying something wrapped in plastic and styrofoam, you’ll probably catch more fish when it’s raining, making your dinner taste that much better.

3.) Play Ultimate — because diving for the disc and sliding around in wet grass will give you the best grass stains of your life.

4.) Go For a Hike — because the forest is much more alive when its soaking wet.

5.) Paintball — because pretending like you’re John Rambo in the Canadian wilderness is a bad-ass as it gets.

6.) Go to your community’s Canada Day Parade — because supporting events, rain or shine, is the backbone of any community.

7.) Go Camping — because yes,  all of your shit will get wet and filthy, but crafting a massive tarp city and keeping the fire stoked is a challenge that simply must be met.

8.) Paddle or Float Down a River — because what Ratty said to Mole: “There is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

9.) Play Golf — because the sport hardest in the world to master is even harder in the rain. Plus, you’ll have the links all to your own.

10.) Go for a nice long walk in the rain with your sweetheart — because love makes the world go round.


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