Businesses that Care About the World: The Raging Success of 1% for the Planet

Keep Earth in Business, that’s the tagline for the 1% for the Planet organization. Not long ago, a mountain climber and a fisherman realized they had a lot more in common than a disdain for wearing a suit to work. Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, were also passionate environmentalists that happened to be running successful businesses. More important, they understood it was good business to protect the natural resources that kept them in business. And the rest is history…

1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. In the first 6 years the businesses involved have donated more than 30 million dollars to environmental causes. Mountain Life Magazine is very proud to be a 1% For the Planet Media Partner, where we’re committed to spreading the word far and wide. Since its inception in 2001, the 1% brand has lit a fire under the ass of the corporate world, instigating a massive charity movement where the environment is the benefactor. In the process, they have empowered thousands to think better and think smarter about what they take from they earth, and how they should give back.

Currently, more than 1472 companies (and growing every single day) donate 1% of their gross sales to a network of 2974 plethora of environmental organizations throughout the world, where more than $10 million annually is now donated to such causes.

Now all you need to do is talk to your boss about it.

Yvon :30 from 1% for the Planet on Vimeo.

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