Gear Review: The Pelican 1500

Drop, Kick, Throw, Drown, Submerge, Bash, Thrash, Trash, Stomp, Sit, Stand — you can do all of the above to this case and whatever’s inside will remain completely intact and dry as a bone. Pelican is the standard for waterproof cases and this badboy is perfect for big camera set-ups (or three dozen eggs). The pick-and-pluck foam is the key — the inserts allow you to completely customize the inside of the case to make sure lenses don’t collide with camera bodies, etc. And if you save the pieces you cut out, you can always put them back and redesign the
configuration.Or you can get crafty, take out all of the foam and stock it full of beer which would make it the world’s best case of beer ever.

Dropped out of an airplane or chucked off a waterfall, the Pelican case keeps everything safe and dry. Everything except your hangover maybe.

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