Gear We Like: GOAL ZERO Rock-Out Speakers

One of life’s great pleasures is listening to the crickets and toads while camping under the stars. But an even greater pleasure is surprising your friends after an epic slog into the mountains with some music by the campfire — and with this little unit, you can do just that. The Rock-Out is one of those diamond-in-the-rough pieces of gear that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving. The battery lasts long enough on one charge to power an all-night mini party on the dock or a full day out on the boat. And it’s no dainty piece of electronics either. You can throw it like a football if you want because your iPod or iPhone zips up inside of the case. Another solid feature is that you can recharge this using the power if the sun if you choose to purchase one of the small and slim Goal Zero solar panels. Its rugged and portable design will keep the tunes going mounted to a bike stem, clipped to a backpack or climbing harness. After all, summer without music is like sitting around the campfire with no flame.


Here’s a review from a satisfied customer:

“This is neither very small or very light, but is not overly large or heavy. that being said, the sound quality, as well as the voume, beats my iHome hands down. The battery lasts long enough that I have had it for a month of regular use and couldn’t say how long a charge lasts, as I have yet to kill the battery.

As to durability, I was nearly in a car accident and slammed on the brakes. I watched my Rock Out fly past me and into the dash of my suburban at about 25 mph (the speaker relative to the car.) It never even paused, but kept right on playing, despite leaving a large dent in the dash.

As the speaker does not come with much in the way of directions (logical,as it has 1 switch), note that the speaker is done charging when the led labeled “charge” goes out. I had to email tech support about this, and do not have the words to praise the quality of Goal Zero’s customer service. I sent the email after 11 at night, and woke to find an answer.”

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