Squamish, Whistler Or Pemberton— Which Town Reigns Supreme and Why?

The Sea to Sky Triple Crown. Photos by Todd Lawson.

Squambodia, Whistle-town, and Pembertino… If the three of these towns had to duel it out in a cage match, who would win? They all have such amazing characteristics that it would be near impossible to come up with a clear victor using only the archaic methods of voting and “official judges’” ballots, so we’d like to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment here or on our FB page and tell us what town you’re most in love with and why?

Most of the Mountain Life staff has lived in all three of these kick-ass communities and we are still roaming and spread around the corridor. Let’s settle this once and for all!


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One Comment

  1. Squamish has the best outdoors infrastructure of all 3 places in more sports than you can shake a kite board at. We not only have paragliding off the biggest rock, we have Dean Potter jumping off the Chief in a squirrel suit. We have world class climbing, and the only municipal climbing park in the world. Kayaking on 5 world class rivers, paddle boarding on lakes, we have an ocean with world class kite boarding and wind surfing, back country skiing, and of course over 700 km of single track mountain biking. Now what is not often understood is that Squamish has built this infrastructure that is not to be rivalled on volunteer sweat and blood. Our community groups rock so hard they have made us the “outdoor capital of Canada”. Now how can anyone compete with that.