What Would Happen if the Public Were in Charge of Shell’s Marketing?

Well, here’s one for the holy shit, WTF pile, and quite possible the best anti-oil hoax of all time. On the ‘Shell’ website it says “we’re committed to online social media. After all, it’s the fuel that lubricates the engines of internet communication. In June, thousands of you demonstrated this by explaining, online, how Arctic energy production will transform the world and possibly provide affordable fuel for several years.

Today, we want to take the Arctic Ready message offline, directly to the drivers who benefit from Shell’s performance fuels. That’s why we’re launching a new campaign (deadline this Thursday!), from which the best ads will be printed and posted in strategic locations worldwide. With your help, we at Shell can tell the world how pumped we are about Arctic energy, and take the Arctic Ready message to Arctic-enthused drivers everywhere.

So take a moment to add your own slogan to our beautiful new collection of images. The next place you see it might be your own rearview mirror.

Because tomorrow is yesterday, accelerated. Let’s go.

Actually, the website was created by a bunch of pranksters called the Yes Men, who have opened the doors open for the public to vote on Shell’s plans for the Acrtic.

Pretty slick I’d say. (pardon the pun)


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