Chilcotin SUP Adventure- Video

The trick to living in the mountains is balancing your work with your play, or ideally, combining the two. Mountain Life publishers Jon Burak and Todd Lawson, along with writer/photographer Jim Martinello, recently headed up to the Chilcotin Plateau for a little SUP whitewater.

The boys are the C4 Explore Team and they did their trip on inflateable SUPs with all their gear (including more than $15,000 in camera equipment) lashed to the boards.

“The riverlevel was pretty high,”Lawson says. “And it was pretty dicey with many large logs floating past as we paddled. We hit mostly class III rapids and got into many sustained sections that required ultimate concentration.”

After 4 days and 4 nights on the river they made it home safely andwere able to knock together this video of a job well done.

Screen Grab of Chilcotin Whitewater on a Paddleboard.

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  1. Great Video!
    Almost makes you stop thinking about skiing for a few minutes.

  2. roguer says:

    you guys are nutbar and i love it. that looks like a ton of fun. lovin you guys. pura vida from costa to canada.

  3. jesse hohert says:

    kick ass vid.
    well done boys, cant wait for the next chapter…
    one question though:
    how did you get all that food into one wrap?


    Thats looks like a blast,,and you really caught the mood in the video..I shall now go jump in the creek!