Big Love for Bass Coast

Another year, another raging success for the Bass Coast Project. Planet Facebook has been lit up in the past couple of days by fans of the festival, who have called it the best one yet. Mother nature definitely cooperated this year, pouring on some hot sunshine everyday with a full moon thrown in for the spiritual vibe. The ladies with the dreams (and megawatts of creativity behind it all, Andrea Graham and Liz Thompson are undoubtedly feeling the love of an incredible effort perfectly executed. Here’s what a few of the people had to say:

Sheila Jane Cassels
“Amazed, humbled, excited, transformed and satiated! Thank you to all whom were a part of Basscoast. Yes!”

Chili Thom
“HOLY SHIT BALLZ that was a fun festival!!!!”

Amanda Louise
“BEST HONEYMOON EVER, thank you so much for all the generosity, kindness, loving, hugs, amazing music and beautiful beasts!!! my heart is full of gratitude for all the old and new friends that made this festival so freaking special. may we celebrate many raveaiversarys together for years to come xo”

Stunning Steve Jiu
“Really felt the love here and so much good friends from near and far!”

Justin Finn
“big up to the crazy mofo that PARACHUTED! in – that was one of the baddest mf things ive ever seen”

Chris Brown
“Amazing weekend with friends new and old. Thankful and proud of everyone involved. BC is morphing into what it was meant to be…”

Allan Crawford
“The little festival that could! Wow the things I’ve seen you ladies go through for the benefit of so many. Thanks. Proud of you.”

Bass Coast Project from Reverse Media on Vimeo.

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