Gear We Like: The Hennessey Hammock

Don’t get us wrong, we like dogs, but man’s best friend should really be a Hennessey Hammock. You don’t need to feed it, it can fit in the palm of your hand and you’ll never, ever have to play fetch with it. We tested the Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic in Costa Rica a few months ago, and we’re glad we didn’t leave home without it. Aside from setting it up at night, the best thing about the hammock was the daytime use at the beach. It was a mother’s best friend as well. Our newborn daughter had a comfortable, well-protected place to take an afternoon nap while we switched off to catch a few waves.

Here are a few of the features we like for Travel, Hiking/Backpacking and Camping:

— 2 minute setup (easy to pack, unpack and quick to dry!)
— A traveller’s dream (beach, boat, forest, inside the hotel room if it gets really dodgy, and anywhere else you can think of)
— They are LIGHT! Only 15 oz. (includes the support ropes, bug-screen, and detachable rain-fly)
— Comfortable INSTANT bed even over an unever surface. No need to sleep on rocks anymore, or uneven terrain where you keep slipiing down the whole night)
— Can be used as a tarp with groundsheet when there are no trees
— Easily converts to a lounger or chair
— Mosquio-proof zipperless protection (avoid bugs and insects crawling into your sleeping space)
— Overnight biking? The HH is a great and compact option for biking trips
— Leave No Trace: no trenching or staking needed. Ropes are designed to not harm tree bark.
— Mosquito net blocks out 90% of the wind to provide a warmer, better sleep.

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