Ten Things to Bring for Chilling on the Dock

Read this fast and get out there! Add the word BRING to the start of each item.

#1. ICE. Don’t ever, ever forget the ice. Sunshine will turn your beer into warm piss faster than you can say Budweiser (who drinks that anyways?) And you can use the ice to prevent swelling when someone gets injured.

#2. A Coozie. Cozy or Coozie. Who cares? It keeps your beer cold and your hand not.

#3. Music. Get some little solar-powered speakers and rock out all day long.

#4. A floating device of any kind. Treading water sucks. Bring an inflatable anything and float around for hours.

#5. Sunscreen. Becuase gnarly-looking sunspots and sunburns will not help you get lucky at the end of the day.

#6. A Therm-A-Rest: Why doesn’t anybody bring these to the beach? Falling asleep on a towl on the sand is no good. Same goes for the dock, unless you want wooden dock-lines stamped into your forehead. Chill in comfort, man.

#7. Your skinny-dipping spirit. Too many fraidycats out there these days. Drop your drawers and shock someone.

#8. A Frisbee or some sort of ball. Because it gets boring reading a book on your back for an hour straight. Get up and do something.

#9. A Crib Board. Keeping a simple Canadian tradition alive is paramount.

#10. Food. Because it’s always nice to share with new friends.

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