Teva’s Kurt Sorge Talks Tricks

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Kurt Sorge gets so much airtime he might as well be a pilot. But he’s not so he’ll stick to what he does best – ride a mountain bike like a bat outta hell. Sorge will be competing once again at Crankworx this year, fresh off his own Tour de France in le version Francaise of Crankworx last month.

“It’s definitely different than Whistler that’s for sure,” says Sorge from his home in Nelson, where he’s resting a lacerated knee.”It’ll grow in time but the course was great — tough weather tough, lots of wind in the alpine which made for some tough riding.”
Like most riders who come to Crankworx, Sorge is chomping at the bit to compete in front of the massive crowd.

“I love the terrain in Whistler, it’s so perfect. Having the amazing trails makes it so world-class. And the one thing that makes (riding in) Whistler so cool is the 10,000 people below you at the start gate. It gets us all pretty stoked to send it hard.”

Sending it hard he’ll be doing, especially at the Teva Best Trick Showdown. The event has  but one purpose: to drive riders to bend the known universe of mountain bike possibility.

“The best trick is awesome, it’s a really good practice session,” Sorge says mildly. “I like to get the hardest tricks out of the way before Joyride. I’m excited for sure.”

Sorge has a full plate of events this year, he’ll be competing in the Speed & Style, the Deep Summer Photo Challenge, Best Whip comp, Teva Best Trick, Red Bull Joyride and will be filimg a segment for The Whistler Mountain Bike Park and Giant. Even with all this going on, he still has a few kind words for his sponsor and what they’re all about.

“They’re just such good people and they’re always doing something progessive,” Sorge says of his fellow Teva-tribers. “They recieve feedback well and make really great shoes because of it.”

Catch Sorge and his fellow pilots at The TEVA Best Trick  launching on Thursday, August 16th.
• All 26 invited athletes plus last year’s winners
• 2 sessions of 45 minutes on pre-selected course features
• Rider judged event

Prize Money –$10,000
• $4,000 Winner-Takes-All for best trick on each feature
• $1,000 per feature “Cash Grab” (total $2,000 cash) awarded by announcer in increments of $20-$100 on the spot for “wowing” the crowd (big tricks, crashes, attempts at new tricks, humour, etc).

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