The Nepalese Mountain Bike High

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Sure, part of the allure of becoming a professional mountain biker is the potential of a big, oversized contest-winning cheque one day or your own quiver of bikes in the garage — but ask any rider out there and they’ll likely say that being able to travel the world doing what they love is the most cherished aspect of their chosen sport. Especially when an invite to film and ride in Nepal lands on your lap.
The riding community in Nepal is just emerging, and growing everyday. Because walking is the primary form of transportation in Nepal, a seemingly endless amount of paths, trails and routes connect people and places throughout the landscape. Trails connect the people. What’s new for the Nepalese is the concept of riding mountain bikes on these trails. A core group of riders committed to sharing the riding experience with all have kick-started the mountain bike community here. Their enthusiasm and perseverance reminds us of what its like to be part of a movement. From the urban jungle of Kathmandu on up to the remote villages surrounding the peaks of the Himalaya, Strength In Numbers, like the trails of Nepal, is about the threads that tie different communities of mountain bikers together. The bike is a tool of connections. Tire to ground. Foot to pedal. Hand to handlebar. Effort put out, in turn rewarded with full body happiness.

The Anthill crew put a solid effort into this spectacular segment of their new ‘Strength in Numbers’ film, showcasing the mind-boggling contrast and diversity found in the world’s highest country. The fact that their presence is laying the foundation for a new generation of Nepalese riders is icing on the cake.

Strength in Numbers is a new community film project from Anthill Films and Red Bull Media House. Presented by Shimano and Trek, Strength in Numbers is being made available for all mountain bikers to experience through free online streaming of individual segments. The vision is to create the potential for every mountain biker in the world to see and share the film. To see the full film uninterrupted, get exclusive extra features and support the filmmakers, order your copy now at

Strength in Numbers is produced, written, directed and edited by Anthill Films in co-production with Red Bull Media House. Presented by Shimano and Trek in association with Contour HD, Clif Bar, and PRO Components. Additional support for the film is provided by the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Kona, Toyota Trucks, Scion, Oakley, Easton, Evoc, Big Mountain Adventures, Verbier St. Bernard and Ride Nepal.

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