Win 2 Weekend Passes to Live at Squamish!!!

If you close your eyes you can probably hear the thumping bass coming your way. The spectacular Live at Squamish is only 2 days away, and if you play your cards right you could be there, in person, watching band after band blow your mind.

Mountain Life has two weekend passes to give away. How? Like us on Facebook and simply make a comment BELOW, telling us your BEST EVER MUSIC FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE. We’ll be picking the winner (via old-school, pick-the-name-out-of-a-hat draw) tomorrow morning at 10am.

Whistler’s beloved Hairfarmers will be rocking out the Molson Canadian Beer Garden on Sunday and playing between-bands sets on the Stawamus stage. Mat the Alien and Vinyl Ritchie both play in the Woodshed on Sunday.

Hairfarmin’ from Kevin Hardiman on Vimeo.

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  1. feetbanks says:

    I have too many to list, but hearing Vinyl Ritchie open with Zepplin’s “Over the hills and Far Away” at Soundwave one time, those guitar licks booming on a huge system, Plant’s vocals knifing through the misty pacific air…”Hey Lady, You got the love I need…..”
    … after a weekend of “ootza-ootza” digital dance crap it was the ultimate quench to a stifling thirst few even knew they had.
    Vinyl Ritchie doesn’t fuck around. This year’s Bass Coast proved it again and Squamish Live is gonna be awesome.
    Feet (can i still win even though i work for the mag?)

  2. Kelly Dyer says:

    The best time I ever had at a show had to be seeing te Grateful Dead three nights in a row in Sacarmento California in 1991. There was 120000 people in the parking lot and it was right next to a waterside park . The deadheads took over the whole town and the stage was set up in this massive field , the sound system was from another planet and the vibe was as well. Easily the best time I have ever had a concert and I’ve been lucky to see countless great shows over the years.

  3. if I could, I would eat hot dogs every day of my life.

  4. Sam S says:

    I haven’t been to very many festivals but going to Pemberton Music Fest was amazing. Trying to decide which stage to watch was the toughest part! How do you decide between The Hip and Black Mountain?! Black Mountain won.

  5. Mark Gribbon says:

    The best festival I have ever been to was lollapaoza, six of us stole my friends moms car, we all shaved our heads and drove six hours to make the concert with only enough gas money to survive on for the round trip. The line up of bands was all time including the chili peppers as the final act. We ran out of gas 20 km from home and had a little trouble getting picked up as a bunch of sun burnt balled punks that hadn’t slept in 24 hrs.

  6. Anita says:

    Girl talk killing it live!
    Chief reflecting its sheriffs star
    Shaking it in a silent disco
    Meeting runnals the super star
    Artists with deep appreation of music and art
    The love of friends galore
    Dancing with my little girl at her first festival
    The after party with dj shoo
    I’m alive and this is stellar!
    Love me to love you even more

  7. Graeme Leathem says:

    Watching my then 2.5 year old daughter rock out and dance like a little punker throughout the entire Bad Religion set at the first Live At Squamish two years ago. It made an old skate rat’s heart melt!

  8. Janice says:

    When I was 15, MC Hammer came to our town, Penticton. It was a BIG deal because we never got any concerts there so more than 5000 people attended. It was during Peachfest so everyone went down to the beach after. Things got out of control and everyone looted the town and rolled the iconic Peach Concession stand into the lake. Riot police and helicopters came, hundreds of kids got house arrest and every year after that, Peachfest was dead due to an unreasonable police prescence.

  9. Anouschka Riverin says:

    You never forget your first: Vans warped tour, Plaza of Nations,1996…

  10. My all time favourite moment at a festival was (I think) 6 years ago at Shambhala in Salmo, BC. It was the Saturday night climax of the festival and my friend Matt the Alien had just been asked to sub in for an artist who was headlining the village stage at midnight. Up until this point Matt hadn’t received the rockstar recognition he deserved. This gig would have been his biggest to date so he really needed to throw down hard to a mass of 5000 people expecting someone else. A nervous Matt asked myself, Ace Mackay Smith, Lexi Moon, Andrea Graham, his beautiful wife Amanda and a few other girls to help get the party started. Without hesitation, we jumped on the gigantic speakers out front and raged to one of the best sets I have ever heard in my life (mostly drum and bass – before slow tempo dubstep was on the scene). Mid set Ace disappeared to return in a full pink gorilla suite that delighted and scared the masses all the same. I’ll never forget that night and cherish being a part of watching my friend blow up on the scene in front of my eyes. You rule Matty!

  11. Backstage Bobbi says:

    Touring with the Foo Fighters was pretty sweet, having Dave Grohl repeatedly ask me to drop my pants so he could admire my chicken/pineapple/REM sucks tattoo. Flying to Vegas just in time to see Tapes n Tapes play for about 100 people in a bowling alley. Making up band names when I was asked which stage I was playing in the artists lounge at Sasquatch. Getting my first credit card to fly to Edmonton to see Tommy Lee with the Crüe when he got outta jail. Or maybe that time Josh Homme wrote a song about my dress?

  12. Another Vinyl Ritchie moment – Shambhala circa ’05 or so….he dropped Smashing Pumpkins 1979 and I thought I had transcended all space and time….as did the rest of the place. Everyone went berserkers and my head exploded.

  13. Cuz says:

    Rolling Stones, Metallica & Everclear in @ Pac Bell in SF
    Back 2 Back nights 5pm – midnight+++!
    Having to defend the Special Needs Folks in the handi-cap section as Security was giving them a real hard time for burning their medicinal meds in this Huge Outdoor Stadium!
    Both Nights were Very High Energy for all Bands!
    After – walking around Fisherman’s Wharf catching all the FREE Live Acts!
    SF is such a Kool City for Live entertainment!

  14. Chantal says:

    Like many people it’s really hard to choose a particular favourite among so many different concerts and festivals. I mean how do you choose when each festival is so unique and exciting? One of my most awesome moments at Pembie Fest was loosing my friends in the crowd and watching the Hip play by myself. I rocked out on my own and fell in love with them all over again. No CD recording could ever play as awesome as they do when they play live.

    But really, my absolute best most favourite festival moment was at Shambhala in 2001. It was Sunday morning at about 5:30 – 6 am and the sun was rising and just starting to flash it’s rays over the surrounding mountains. At that exact moment the DJ (For the life of me I can’t remember his name) played Groove Armada’s Superstylin. This song is the song of all songs for my friends and I. My four best friends and I jumped up and down, hugged one another and danced harder then we had danced all night to our “Crew Anthem”. That moment was pure perfection, pure bliss and the moment that cemented my love for music festivals.

  15. Thomas says:

    Red hot chili peppers at N-fest. Five of my best friends conned our way into the front stage pass area that required special wristbands. Two of them had the real passes and the rest of us just stuck our arms out. I remember rocking out hard in a big crowd.

  16. Dan W. says:

    Rocking out with 15 amazing friends, encircled by some 35,000 other amazing hooligans to the Foo fighters at Sasquatch music festival as the sun slowly set over the majestic banks of the George Amphitheatre. Absolutely Sublime!

  17. Max Stelmacker says:

    This is one of my favorite stories to tell because it is also the most memorable . The best festival music experience I ever had was in the 20 or so minus below weather during the 2009 Whistler Film Festival. Included as part of the bevy of film premiers and various venues was an outdoor screening of the Jonathan Demme produced ‘Neil Young Trunk Show’ concert film. The sun set early of course and darkened even faster in the shadows of the great towering mountains, the cold set in faster even as the gleaming lights of snow clearing equipment and snowmobiles dotted the ski hills near and afar. Many took to the indoors after a day of skiiing and to enjoy the comforts of warmth. But even as the blistering winds blew its chill into bones and exposed skin, and tiny flecks of ice and snow sequestered around our standing bodies waiting to watch the concert, some of us withstood the challenge to remain rooted to watch the film, must have been about 50-100 people-,..and were well rewarded for doing so. It would have been great to watch this concert even in a living room, but in the great outdoors on a huge screen, with great concert sound from the outdoor speakers, while Neil performs ‘Like a Hurricane’ made the whole experience second-to-none and par excellente.

  18. Jeremy Foster says:

    Woodstock 1999. I was so lucky to be there, thanks to my buddy winning a radio contest in Chicago where i was living at the time. I was 20 years old, full of piss and vinegar and looking to get laid. On the first day, I started getting pretty drunk because my cousin snuck a ziploc full of vodka up her crotch. (thanks again Loulou:) I started eyeing up this girl from across one of the little candle fires that someone had going. She flashed the eyes back at me and it was game on. It was getting pretty dark and there weren’t many trees to hide behind. Luckily she was drunk too. We ended up doing the nasty behind a row of outhouses since we figured nobody would go behind there. We emerged with some pretty big smiles and headed straight for the stage to catch G. Love and Special Sauce. I’ll never forget that night.

  19. Melissa says:

    Shambhala Music Festival 2011, day or night we were dancing among beautiful energetic people! Incredible performances by Dub Fx, Erica Dee’s Hip-hop showcase at the Village Stage, and can’t forget how wonderful the communal garden, the overall variety of music, and originality of all the art was! the dancefloor was shaking and the bass was bumpin and everyone had the raddest dance moves! Never forget the Shambhalove <3

  20. Sonja says:

    Best music festival experience ever? Had to be last year when I went to the Salmon Arm Roots & Blues festival. I had never heard of it prior to attending and I don’t know why more Vancouverites don’t attend. I got to see Taj Mahal, Johnny Lang, Five Alarm Funk and the list goes on and on….I also was able to find some new amazing bands like MonkeyJunk.
    On top of all that, it’s set in beautiful Salmon Arm, I was at a beautiful hotel and I was able to meet and party with some of the artists including a house party with jamming by artists from different groups.

    Talk about an epic adventure!

  21. Tobin says:

    WSSF: gotta love crusing down late off the mountain following the sound of Xavier Rudd’s bass on the warm spring air. you can hear it from the top of the peak.

  22. Melissa Sheridan says:

    Best music festival experience was probably back in the early 2 years ago at Live At Squamish watching The Decemberists. I had never heard of them before and they put on such an amazing show, I now own a bunch of their cd;s and would absolutely love to see them again. I think that’s the best part about Live at Squamish, checking out bands you have never heard of before that will just blow you away. Always a good time

  23. Roland Benesocky says:

    My best music festival experience would hopefully take place this weekend at Live At Squamish. Sitting back in the field, on a blanket, listening to The Hip live, staring up at The Chief, I think that would take the cake.

  24. Anna Horbelt says:

    Seeing Corb Lund playing at Blacktown RSL in Sydney Australia surrounded by a bunch of 50+…. with my husband doing the rooster call after each song!

  25. Pierre Banks says:

    Dancing: Last Saturday. Two Acre Shaker, just boogying thinking about it. Live Band: Prodigy. Jersey Live 2009. Bass shaking, hand waving, head thrashing, electro, punk rock wizadry. Hands down the best show on earth. I’m a fire starter!! attic attakit attic insane (sure that’s what they say) – what the hell it means only Keith knows!?

  26. gordon bradley says:

    gotta say pemby fest has to be my best concert experiance ever.
    mount currie as the back drop as so many wicked bands hit the main stage. can’t really get better than that in my mind….oh and feeling like cattle as shows ended and the crowds moved from one stage to the next or to get water etc…and me and thousands of others going “Mooooooooooooo”…as we went!! lol the best!
    love the mag. keep up the good work and lets see more little vids like that c 4 water man river Sick!!!
    ps i already like ya on face book!

  27. bodil leavitt says:

    big day out 1992

  28. Natalie says:

    Osheaga, MTL, in the early years. Small crowd, bands who were one the verge of being huge, inexpensive tickets, bring our beer anywhere.