If You’ve Ever Wanted to FLY…..

This summer we dedicated our entire issue to Airtime, be it taking your first foot of air of a little wooden ramp as a six-year-old on a bike, or wingsuiting from the top of a 6000-foot face of sheer granite. As our fearless editor Feet Banks said, “Airtime is intrinsically punk rock because it bends the rules a bit. Every other second of our lives we’re bound by gravity, pulled to the point of whatever happens to be between us and the earth. The floor, the concrete, the path, the bed — we’re always on something solid, firm and noticeable.”

Well, definitely not here. This is as high-flying as it gets, beautifully shot, sped up, slowed down, human form in pure unrestricted motion.
“We are very proud to be working with the some of the worlds most talented Skydive, Base Jumping and Wingsuit athletes,” says Betty Wants In, the masterminds and flying marvels behind this viral vid. “Our aim through this video is to showcase their work and open the doors for other athletes and filmmakers and provide opportunities for greater exposure. This is The INFINITY LIST Mission and we do it in eight adventure sports categories. It’s what we do.”

If you need the real thing and need it now, you’re in luck. You can skydive with Whistler Skydiving, you can paraglide with Cayoosh Expeditions and you can BASE jump with, well, nobody unless you know what you’re doing. Armchair adventurers can enjoy the vid below.

Experience Freedom from InfinityList on Vimeo.

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