Burton and the Number 13

2013 is poised to be THE year for Burton. The company has long since had a serious love affair with the number 13 and have rolled out all the stops for this coming season. On August 13th, the company executed a fully-integrated product launch under the name ‘Winter Storm Warning’, and now a new film called, you guessed it, THIRTEEN, will be showing in 13 select locations across North America, including Whistler (Oct.12th).

“The number 13, well that is our number,” says CEO and company founder Jake Burton. “The number itself has been integrated into various Burton logos from way back and currently makes up the “B” in our wordmark. It has its own identity and stigma, and we consider it the lucky unlucky number. As a result, 13 has become our go-to for launches and key milestones as a company and it was an easy choice for our winter launch date.”

More 13, why not. Here’s Burton Team Manager Kevin Keller with his 13 highs and lows that were not included in his original job description.

Didn’t know I’d be babysitting grown men
Didn’t know I’d be a pizza delivery guy
Didn’t know I’d end up being a full time chef
Didn’t know I’d have to be an emotional coach/psychologist
Didn’t think I’d snowboard less than if I had a desk job
Didn’t plan on having to give 20 year old riders the “dad talk”
Didn’t think I’d be getting paid to have so much fun
Didn’t plan to fly over 100,000 miles a year
Didn’t think so much physical labor would be required
Didn’t realize my snowboarding abilities would actually be decreasing
Didn’t realize I’d be making so many new friends
Didn’t realize I was signing up to live the dream
Didn’t realize I’d spend so much time laughing

13 Ways to Ruin a Snowmobile

1. Not putting oil in.
2. Crashing into a tree
3. Tumble the sled down the hill
4. Send it into a crevasse
5. Send if off a cliff
6. Get run over by an avalanche
7. Hit a rock or stump under the snow
8. The engine blows up
9. The clutch fails
10. Sled lights on fire
11. It drops off your truck onto a freeway
12. Attempt a river crossing or a lake and sink the sled
13. Trying a back flip

And finally the trailer.

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