Cannonball Gone Wrong

Jackass has nothing on this crazy German rock star. Watch and laugh your head off along with the camra guy and his buddy, then immediately file this in the ‘don’t do this at home’ folder.
In case you don’t speak German, we’ve translated the commentary for you.

Guy Behind the Camera: “C’mon man, say something to all your fans out there.”

Ice Jumper: “Okay, but make sure the towel is right here when I get out. It’s going to be cold man, really cold and I’m going to swim right to this spot to get out.”

Guy Behind the Camera: “Ok just jump already, right there in the middle, the ice will be thinnest there!”

Ice Jumper: “Yes ok, I don’t care about that though, I’m just pumped and I want to make the biggest splash I can.”

Guy Behind the Camera:: “Ok enough talking about that, you need a speech for your fans.”

Ice Jumper: “Motherf**ker, f**k the fu**ing world and my new band is called “zis kill….wooooooo!!!”

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