Groundswell — The Trailer

To keep pace with the legion of surfers, paddlers, hikers, swimmers, runners, riders, artists etc. who are making their own mark in the fight against the Enbridge pipeline and tanker traffic, we vow to keep the pedal firmly pushed against the metal to share these stories with you. Last fall, Raincoast Convervation Foundation set sail with a world-famous line up of US and Canadian surfers. Their collaboration with accomplished filmmaker and Patagonia surf ambassador Chris Malloy has produced a remarkable 25-minute documentary titled GROUNDSWELL. It chronicles not only a world-class surfing adventure, but provides a cerebral and compelling examination of an issue that embodies many aspects of today’s environmental challenges: our energy future, geopolitics, aboriginal rights and title, and more.

Groundswell will screen with another short documentary, Raincoast’s Reflections: Art for an Oil-Free Coast that opened at the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival.
Raincoast is a team of conservationists and scientists empowered by our research to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. They use rigorous, peer-reviewed science and grassroots activism to further our conservation objectives. We call this approach ‘informed advocacy’ and it is unique amongst conservation efforts.

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