Mountain Life Georgian Bay — The 50 Classics

Many of you transplated Ontarians living here on the West Coast will head home to visit friends and family before the snow flies. If you haven’t been home for a while, the Georgian Bay/Collingwood crew have been busy scaping their land into a pretty diverse outdoor playground — as you can see by checking out the latest Mountain Life ’50 Classics’ issue just released by our brothers and sisters in the East — a beautiful book that features la créme de la créme of sport and outdoor adventure. You can check out the online version here and start doing some planning. The mountains may be smaller, but the people still charge just as hard.
We threw a couple quick questions at MLGB Editor Colin Field on the making of the issue….here’s what he had to say.

1. ) What was the most challenging aspect of putting together the 50 raddest things to do in the Georgian Bay?
“The hardest part was making sure everything was right. There are at least three different ways to write GPS co-ordinates, so changing them all from whatever our contributors gave us to something consistent was a pain. And if you look at the mag really close, you’ll see getting everything right wasn’t even possible. There are some major mistakes in there… but the guides, the maps, the GPS co-ordinates are all spot on….”

2.) What about the editing process. How did you determine what adventure was ‘better’ than something else?
“We stuck to a pretty tight area, so that cut out a lot of the classics that are just out of range. Then we wanted to include a bunch of different sports for different levels, and it really came together quite easily. And as you’ll read in the Field Notes page, this is by no means a definitive list… it’s just a list to get started from….”

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