New Gear for This Year: RECON HUD

If you’re a skier who likes to see how fast you’re going at all times and how much vertical you’ve smashed on any given day, you have a new best friend. The new Recon HUD (heads-up display) now snap-fits into specific goggles made by Scott, Smith, Uvex, Alpina, Briko and Zeal Optics. The inside-your-goggles display provides real-time performance information (speed, jump statistics, altitude, etc), as well as access to SMS messages, caller ID and control of your music playlists all from your smartphone (Android AND NOW IPHONE 4S and above) which is all navigated easily by a wireless remote. Some are calling it the most advanced goggle of all time.

For the upcoming season not only is the HUD compatible with iPhone 4s (and above) for the first time but Recon has opened up the HUD for app developers to create apps (much like you have apps for your phone). This makes it fully customisable. The first few apps have already been created, so whether you want real-time updates on the weather, want to transform your HUD into a viewfinder by connecting a Contour camera, navigate resort maps or even see your heart rate by hooking up a Polar heart rate monitor, you can now do all of these, and see the results direct-to-eye. The techies out there are probably salivating. Don’t worry…the snow is coming soon.

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