Red Bull Rampage—Sorge’s Win, Top 5 Moments, Top 5 Crashes

The Rampage just keeps getting bigger and badder each year. Freeride mountain biking crowned a new king as Canadian Kurt Sorge took the top spot in Red Bull Rampage. France’s Antoine Bizet took second and Utah local Logan Binggeli came in third in a thrilling contest that saw huge jumps and flips all over the steep cliffs of Virgin, Utah.

Let’s take a look back at the five top moments from throughout the event’s history. Watch some of the winning runs from over the years, including Tyler Klassen back in 2002, Cedric Gracia in ’03 and Kyle Strait in ’04, plus epic moves from Gee Atherton and Cam Zink in 2010

As we all know, Red Bull Rampage is one of the toughest physical downhill mountain bike events on the planet. We don’t take pleasure in watching other people bail on shit we’ll never dream about hitting (or do we?!) Anyways, here’s the roughest and hardest crashes from past events, including some gnarly falls from Josh Bender, Lance Canfield, Garrett Buehler and Cam McCaul, who show us how ball-bustingly hard the Rampage really is.

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