Speed Riding Silberhorn

There should be a different name for this awesome mountain-sport mash-up, no? It’s called Speed Riding —Paragliding and big-mountain skiing together at the same time — but the name doesn’t seem to do it any justice. It should be called something like SkiFlying or Skigliding maybe. But the name really is a moot point. When you’re flying high ABOVE the alpine with a big wing on your back and your skis strapped to your feet and then you get to ski whatever line your eagle eyes choose, you can call it whatever the hell you want.

Arc’teryx athlete (they call them Arc’athletes) Ueli Kestenholz discovered speedriding in 2006, and since them he’s spent half of his winters with a parachute on his back. Last spring Ueli dropped into a dream line and flew/ski/ride/skimmed down 3000 metres of vertical down Silberhorn in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps.

This descent looks pretty gnarly on the solar-baked crust he’s skimming across, but as he says, “It’s one run I will never forget my whole life.”

Speed Riding Silberhorn from ARC'TERYX on Vimeo.

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