The Wonder Reels: Episode 1 – Snow

Skier: Nate Wood Photo: ©Reuben Krabbe

The Sherpas are back at it again — instilling in all of us powderhounds the desire to shralp snow as soon as possible. How they can cram so much artistry into one and a half minutes is a mystery only they can solve, as they’ve done here in this first episode of The Wonder Reels — a 7 episode video series that Whistler Blackcomb will be releasing all season long. Next up will be The Wonder Reels Ep. 2: THE PASS, dropping October 30, 2012.

Snow. Our common obsession. It covers our steep craggy terrain and rounds out the sharp edges to make Whistler Blackcomb rideable like nowhere else on earth. This is the story of how we are transformed every winter, told through the distinct visual artistry of Sherpas Cinema.

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