Would You Do THIS on a $16,000 Road Bike?

I’ve never, ever seen somebody do a backflip on a bike out of a bunker before, nor have I never seen a road bike hop on its back tire across a bunch of metal bars. But it seems that Martyn Ashton can do it all, and more, on his very expensive $16,000 carbon racer — the very same bike that won the 2012 Tour de France. Ashton shows us a thing or two a la Danny McAskill in this 5 minutes of freedom. The bike, used by Team Sky’s Bradley Wiggins & Mark Cavendish, is a slick piece of engineering precision no doubt, but is it made for THIS? Apparently so.

With a plan to push the limits of road biking as far as his lycra legs would dare, Martyn looked to get his ultimate ride out of the awesome Pinarello Dogma 2. Ashton must surely one of the world’s best overall cyclists — mashing together the discipline, balance and concentration of BMX, mountain biking, trials riding, road cycling and overall trickery to accomplish what he does on two wheels.

Shot in various locations around the UK and featuring music from ‘Sound of Guns’, Road Bike Party captures some of the toughest stunts ever pulled on a carbon road bike.

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