Our Contributors

Mountain Life is only as good as the people we work with. The writers, artists and photographers who’s work fills our pages are some of the best in the world. If you notice a story or photo in the mag or on this site that speaks to you a certain way then we encourage you to hit up that contributor’s website and check out more of their work. These people live, work and play in the mountains and without them there would be no Mountain Life.

Mark Gribbon — Photographer

Mark Gribbon is a fearless innovator on both sides of the lense.

Nicolas Teichrob — Photographer/Writer

Nic also makes stunning ski films.

Jordan Manley — Photographer

Jordan Manley is so hot right now he has to stay underwater.

Eric Berger — Photographer

Eric is the godfather of Coast Mountain photography

Paul Bride — Photographer

Paul spends pretty much every day of the winter catskiing

Kari Medig — Photographer

Kari’s got a sharp beard, and a sharper eye.

Chris Lennon — Photographer

Chris is on his lunch break here.

Steve Rogers — Photographer

Another day in the office.

Sterling Lorence — Photographer

Sterling was an official photographer for the 2010 Olympics. Check it out.

Russell Dalby — Photographer

Russell is the kind of guy who gets box seats to the Iron Maiden concert. Awesome.

Mike Crane — Photographer

Mike cranks hard turns and cranks out killer images.

Garrett Grove — Photographer

Garrett is our favourite American contributor, for now…

Stephen Volger — Writer/Musician/etc.

Stephen is real old-school Whistler and knows all the stories

Kate MacLennan — Writer

Kate is in a lake here but usually she can be found surfing in an ocean.

Sam McRae — Photographer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sam’s headshot proves it.

More contributors coming soon… If you would like to contribute to Mountain Life Magazine, please send queries to Feet Banks.

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